Wow, it’s been over a year since I started this blog. I think I have made one post on here? 

Well a whole lot has happened this past year…. I have gone back to school, my husband has started his business and we are right in the middle of a house Reno! 

Last month I saw Eric Church in concert, I’m a huge country fan and he was nothing short of amazing.  Below are some pics I snapped at the concert..

My mom and I, at Church!


He had this really bizarre blow up, devil pop up in the middle of one of his songs…. Kinda creepy but the crowd loved it. Great entertainment. I was super surprised at how many young people were there. I love how diverse the country music scene is. 


The next day we checked out Victoria’s Secret, 2 floors of heaven! I had to really watch my spending, but managed to keep it at a reasonable spree…. Haha!

So happy I don’t have one where I live, I’d be broke and probably would be finding some way to live in there…ha!

Honestly felt like a star walking down this staircase, this is obviously what they were going for… 😍😍   

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