My entire life I  have struggled with running, I ran a bit of track back in school but nothing serious..I mean this is elementary school we are talking about!! 

You could say that I’m injury prone and I don’t gain muscle/weight easily. I have always been naturally scrawny-thin and was always picked last for team sports in school. Great start, huh?

I decided I could defy these odds, and there are a lot against me. I decided a few years ago that I could do anything I put my mind to. If I wanted to be a runner, I could and I was going to. 

I started with a Couch to 5k app and from there I increased my mileage and ran my first race in 2013; the GoodLife 8k. I had a great run and as any newbie would or maybe just me (haha!), I made a few mistakes: 

  • My first running injury occurred post race: a foot injury. Turns out my beautiful new Asics (I had purchased on sale and had broken in during training) were a size and a half too small. ……ridiculous right?!
  • I was overdressed, and I mean wayyy overdressed. I had a tank, long sleeve, thermo running jacket and ear covering head band. I also brought my sunglasses, just in case. The weather that morning? 13 degrees celscius. Yeah. I just about died of dehydration from sweat loss. Lol!

The foot injury basically had me starting back at zero. But I got back at it and have had a couple more set backs but the most important thing that I have realized, as long as I get back up that’s all that matters. It’s all about the journey. I may not be an elite runner, I may not be a gazelle but man do j enjoy the challenge. And that’s all that matters. 

Life is about Ebb and Flow!  


4 Comments on “a 15 min mile is the same distance as a 7 min mile

  1. Way to go, so inspiring. I am injury prone as well, sucker for punishment I guess haha

  2. Loving that quote at the end, thats exactly how my mindset has changed since I took up running!

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