3 tips I wish I had listened to the first or third time:

1. Get the right running shoes for your feet

You’ve set your goal, you’ve made the decision. You’re going to become a runner! Through all the excitement your street feet smart, goes out the window. Heading out the door you bound down the street only to be huffing and puffing, and left with discouragement. Your feet are sore, your knees hurt. Your goal goes out the window. Running in the correct shoe for you is so important. The shoe that is right for you most likely won’t be the same as your friend or co-worker. Start off right by seeing your local running store for a shoe fitting, they have experts on hand to assist you with finding the correct shoe for your feet. New running shoes come in a range of pricing for the more modest investor or for those with more flexible means, either way a well fitting pair are worth the investment. Your body will thank you…. and me.

2. Follow a plan

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You won’t become a half marathoner in a day either. Get a plan, whether it’s a Couch-to-5k App or join a running group at your local running store. If you have a goal race in mind, see if they offer a clinic. Or if you can afford it, a personal running coach. Too much, too fast, too soon will have you headed for the couch and back to square one in no time. Listen to your body, believe me, I am still figuring this one out!

3. Have fun and don’t give up

Running is hard. There is no getting around it. You know whats harder? Quitting and not reaching your goals. It does get easier with time, and the benefits are endless. Have fun and enjoy yourself. This is something you are doing for you! The running community is so supportive. Check out Runner’s World magazine for motivation, read fitness blogs, instagram, pinterest whichever keeps you inspired. The most important thing to remember; you are competing against yourself, not your neighbour, not your classmate, you. Comparison is the greatest thief of joy. This is about you, loving yourself. Go out and get it!


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