so I really felt like a change and decided to go a bit darker with my hair…..I took the plunge yesterday and went for a subtle ombré 

The back photo was taken in the salon!

The front 

I also purchased a new shampoo duo, by Davinnes. I love their products, they are made in Italy and the company is all about sustainability, which is a huge plus!
I have fallen behind on my running program this week, and only hit 2 workouts over this past week and half. I have been super tired from work, working long busy days so it’s been tough to get the motivation. All that matters is that I get back on track, as my coach says “80%, 100% of the time” 

It’s a lifestyle and it’s all about sustainability!

The house Reno has been moving a long at warp speed! Our new Kitchen from (Merit kitchens!) will arrive June 3rd. Stay tuned for some Reno posts and updates! 

got my hands dirty with the Makita drill and laid some sub-flooring. My husband snapped a few pics….


A shot of the back of the house, new windows put in!


Looking forward to June, major stuff happening with our Reno, training for a 5k, romantic birthday getaway and more..!

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