The deadline has passed, the photos have been submitted to my coach, and I have fully engaged and learned what it is to be completely vulnerable! If your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. 

I joined the 60 day challenge through my body + soul coaching program. It’s a first for me as these types of things are completely out of my comfort zone.


April 01-Before                        June 03- After

I am very happy with my results! I focused on eating enough calories for my goal (building lean muscle) and followed the workouts as set by my coach. I actively participated in the homework; involving guided meditations, self-help books, coaching calls and engaged in the private support group.
One of the most important pieces of key information that I have learned so far on this journey so far has been to be 80%, 100% of the time. I know that I have referenced that in a previous post, but it has really resonated with me. This truly is a lifestyle, and sustainability and balance is key.
I truly love this program and it really is a fantastic, supportive group of women. I feel so grateful that I found the courage to join and commit to making these positive changes in my life.

I may not win the challenge, but I feel as though I have won in so many other ways. The prize would just be the icing on the cake.

What steps have you been taking to reach that goal that scares you? What is holding you back?

I’d love to hear from you..



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