Recently I decided to do a refresh on our bedroom. We finished our upstairs Reno about a year and a half ago and our whole decor has changed- we chose light Grey themes, with beautiful white chunky trim. In short, our bedroom set is a dark espresso brown, so I’m hunting for a new look featuring a lighter, cleaner look.

In the meantime, I have done some online shopping, bought a new duvet set from IKEA and splurged on a beautiful throw from Anthropolgie:

The duvet set from IKEA might just become a part of our guest room as my husband feels it’s too “floral”….. we will see!! – I might just get the set we wanted in the first place from Anthropologie 😏

I am currently hunting for a bedroom furniture set, or just may buy the pieces separately on Wayfair ..

We are also looking to sell our house in the next couple of years… so we might be doing the whole Reno thing again! 

What are your thoughts about buying furniture online? Any tips? 

XO lyss

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