In a previous post I discussed switching up my bedroom linens and giving my master bedroom a mini facelift.

Well the postman has since come and gone, the bedding has been washed and fitted on my bed with care. -but not without a bit of a bump. Anytime you purshase something online it comes with a bit of a risk, that is why I always make sure where I am purchasing from offers an easy and reliable refund policy.

Anthropologie stood behind their product and gave me a full refund when my new throw had arrived looking a little, well, previously returned. It also arrived with a little ladybug friend stuck in the knit- lol! At first I felt a little bit frustrated but with such excellent customer service, I will definitely be shopping again there soon! 

One of my goals this year was to meditate at least once a week working back up to a daily morning meditation. It’s one of those things that are easy to be missed but are so so worth it, even just for 5 minutes. It can set the positive tone for your whole day.

I find excellent, free meditations on Apple podcasts- if you don’t have an iPhone there are lots to choose from on YouTube. 

How do you zen? Do you have a favourite podcast channel for your meditations?

XO lyss

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