I read a poem while in the beginning days of motherhood called “Babies Don’t Keep”-at that time I couldn’t see past the foggy glasses of sleep deprivation. The days and nights were long in a sense of not really knowing which day it was. As the weeks and months have gone by, I have realized that babies really don’t keep. I understand it. 

I can really say though, I have spent hours and days since her birth just soaking up her details; her little fingers, her little rolls, and how absolutely peaceful she looks when she sleeps. 

I have embraced the sleep deprivation, the late nights and early mornings, and taken them as an opportunity to just soak up more of her during her night feedings and midnight diaper changes. Everyday a new part of her is changing and she is getting smarter by the minute. 

Sometimes I feel so much love it brings me to tears. We are so fortunate to given this gift ❤ 


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