E and I braved the wind and headed out for a run this morning. I’m literally a month behind on our training schedule and our race is in less than 8 weeks. But, it’s ok, its been a rough start to 2017 in the way of sickness. Has anybody else had the longest lasting cold ever this year? 

We have no time goals for this race and are planning to take walk breaks 👍. This will be our first family race (10k) and we will be pushing E in the BOB. 

Running with a running stroller is a whole new ball game. My previous runs post partum have been on the treadmill and she has now reached the age where I can start running with her in the stroller. Let me just say my shoulders were on fire. I loved it. It adds a whole new workout to running. She also had a blast, just chillin’ all bundled and cozy. 

I have my sights set on a solo race come late spring, I’ll update those details on another post. 

E and I post run ❤

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