We took E to the park yesterday and she went on the swing for the first time. We really weren’t sure if she was quite old enough yet but once she was in the bucket seat she was pretty content. She was also pretty ambivalent about the whole ordeal. I’m not sure but I’m thinking it has something to do with the fact we were literally minted from nap time. It’s such an exciting age and things are starting to get really fun. She is sleeping 6-8 hours straight (out of her 12hr nighttime period)on the regular, with an average of one or two feeds in the 12 hr period. Sometimes her long stretch happens at the beginning of the night overlapping my sleep. But I am just so grated we have gotten this far with sleep. 

E with me in the swing:

And with her Dad ❤

Ducks in the pond. Can’t wait to take her to the petting zoo ❤

I have been jumping out of my comfort zone ever since I started working from home. I have always been a lipgloss kinda gal and once in awhile I would throw in a a neutral shade of lipstick. Yesterday I wore a gorgeous colour of liquid lipstick, the colour was just stunning. My final thoughts are, that I love it! But if you are a busy mom like me, my number one tip would be to blot it on a tissue to take off any excess colour. Otherwise you are putting yourself at risk for a little smudge action when your baby swipes at your face! – I think in the future, while she is such a little monkey, I’ll have to wear a lip stain or waterproof liner.

What did you get up to this weekend? Thanks for visiting ❤
Xo lyss

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