Wow!! E turned 7 months old yesterday. I can’t believe it. I have come SO far as a mom in these last 7 months and E has come SO far as a baby. Our bond just keeps getting stronger.

E literally changes by the hour. Today she started rolling back-to-tummy in both directions. She has been really working at it for the last week or two, but all of the sudden she mastered it. This whole parenthood situation just levelled up; time for babyproofing! Tonight after I put her to bed, she managed to get herself stuck on her stomach, sideways in her crib with her arm stuck in her sleeper. 

Yup. After that heart pounding discovery, we initiated an emergent crib lowering mission with success and back to bed for her. Luckily she hadn’t hurt herself. 

This morning we decided to give the swing another try, I brought my camera and took a few photos of her outside.

Her jeans are new and her cute coat was given as a gift shortly after she was born. 

Our park visit was better received this time around. E was smiling on the swing and enjoyed help from Mom moving about the playground to take in on all the there was to see. She got a real kick out of watching the bigger kids playing, kicking her legs and smiling.

D took a pic of us together on the swing with his phone:

The changes keep coming our way and I couldn’t be more excited to grow together as a family. We truly are blessed. 

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