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Say it with your eyes. My tips for the beginner when creating a Smokey Eye

Venturing back into the makeup biz has pushed me into personal growth and getting my confidence back post partum.  Now that I have a desire to put a bit more effort in my appearance I have begun to take a leap in to more bold eye looks and stray away from my tried and true neutrals.  Tips for beginners when going for that Smokey … Read More Say it with your eyes. My tips for the beginner when creating a Smokey Eye

Motherhood at 7 months 

Wow!! E turned 7 months old yesterday. I can’t believe it. I have come SO far as a mom in these last 7 months and E has come SO far as a baby. Our bond just keeps getting stronger. E literally changes by the hour. Today she started rolling back-to-tummy in both directions. She has been really working at it for the last week … Read More Motherhood at 7 months 

Swing sets and liquid lipstick…

We took E to the park yesterday and she went on the swing for the first time. We really weren’t sure if she was quite old enough yet but once she was in the bucket seat she was pretty content. She was also pretty ambivalent about the whole ordeal. I’m not sure but I’m thinking it has something to do with the fact we … Read More Swing sets and liquid lipstick…

Running Mama (and babe)

E and I braved the wind and headed out for a run this morning. I’m literally a month behind on our training schedule and our race is in less than 8 weeks. But, it’s ok, its been a rough start to 2017 in the way of sickness. Has anybody else had the longest lasting cold ever this year?  We have no time goals for … Read More Running Mama (and babe)


I read a poem while in the beginning days of motherhood called “Babies Don’t Keep”-at that time I couldn’t see past the foggy glasses of sleep deprivation. The days and nights were long in a sense of not really knowing which day it was. As the weeks and months have gone by, I have realized that babies really don’t keep. I understand it.  I … Read More Motherhood

Something new ❤

Went completely out of my element and decided to try a new makeup company! I have always been a Department Store, Spa and Sephora “brands” kind of girl, but honestly super happy that I took a chance!     I’m wearing:  Mineral Touch Foundation in shade Scarlet Mineral Pressed Blush in Sweet 3D Lash Mascara If you don’t live in Canada, you can change the currency … Read More Something new ❤

Online Shopping…. and morning meditation 

In a previous post I discussed switching up my bedroom linens and giving my master bedroom a mini facelift. Well the postman has since come and gone, the bedding has been washed and fitted on my bed with care. -but not without a bit of a bump. Anytime you purshase something online it comes with a bit of a risk, that is why I … Read More Online Shopping…. and morning meditation 


There is something incredibly freeing when you choose not to care about what people will think. It’s like letting go of a massive weight that holds you back.  It’s funny how becoming a parent has helped me to overcome that barrier and truly do what makes me happy, and not let the barriers I have self manifested stop me. Why? Because I want to … Read More Vulnerability

Bedroom Makeover 

Recently I decided to do a refresh on our bedroom. We finished our upstairs Reno about a year and a half ago and our whole decor has changed- we chose light Grey themes, with beautiful white chunky trim. In short, our bedroom set is a dark espresso brown, so I’m hunting for a new look featuring a lighter, cleaner look. In the meantime, I … Read More Bedroom Makeover 

Tasty Treat!

Thanks for visiting my page ❤ These are great for you or your littles. Saw this posted on a Moms Group today and I am super excited to make these.  Do you have an easy, kid friendly recipes or idea? Leave it in the comments, I’m always looking for new things to try ❤ Xo Lyss