#mombrain is REAL y’all

Eila is 6 months and starting to sleep through the night. Longer stretches (6-8hrs) consistently now. ( knock on wood & thank the universe!!!) 

Even though I’m getting more sleep, I still can’t seem to shake this #mombrain situation. Coffee is still my best friend and concealer; my side kick 👍👌

Let me tell you, this is by far my favourite age. Her personality is really starting to emerge and she is a dream whenever we go anywhere. Such a social butterfly. 

Here you can see her behind me chatting away to our dog. Such a sweetheart. 

Selfie Friday

Hi Lovlies!

Hope everyone is ready for an awesome weekend ahead! WE are finally starting to get some spring-ish weather where I live, which definitely helps being 6 month post-partum.
I had a busy day today! – my babe had her 6 month shots, we did a bit of shopping afterward and went for a walk with a really good friend of ours. ❤

Photo on 2015-10-30 at 2.40 PM.jpg

One of my favourite selfies <3- you can shop my foundation HERE

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Transformation Thursday…..

The deadline has passed, the photos have been submitted to my coach, and I have fully engaged and learned what it is to be completely vulnerable! If your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. 

I joined the 60 day challenge through my body + soul coaching program. It’s a first for me as these types of things are completely out of my comfort zone.


April 01-Before                        June 03- After

I am very happy with my results! I focused on eating enough calories for my goal (building lean muscle) and followed the workouts as set by my coach. I actively participated in the homework; involving guided meditations, self-help books, coaching calls and engaged in the private support group.
One of the most important pieces of key information that I have learned so far on this journey so far has been to be 80%, 100% of the time. I know that I have referenced that in a previous post, but it has really resonated with me. This truly is a lifestyle, and sustainability and balance is key.
I truly love this program and it really is a fantastic, supportive group of women. I feel so grateful that I found the courage to join and commit to making these positive changes in my life.

I may not win the challenge, but I feel as though I have won in so many other ways. The prize would just be the icing on the cake.

What steps have you been taking to reach that goal that scares you? What is holding you back?

I’d love to hear from you..



Brunette lovin’

so I really felt like a change and decided to go a bit darker with my hair…..I took the plunge yesterday and went for a subtle ombré 

The back photo was taken in the salon!

The front 

I also purchased a new shampoo duo, by Davinnes. I love their products, they are made in Italy and the company is all about sustainability, which is a huge plus!
I have fallen behind on my running program this week, and only hit 2 workouts over this past week and half. I have been super tired from work, working long busy days so it’s been tough to get the motivation. All that matters is that I get back on track, as my coach says “80%, 100% of the time” 

It’s a lifestyle and it’s all about sustainability!

The house Reno has been moving a long at warp speed! Our new Kitchen from (Merit kitchens!) will arrive June 3rd. Stay tuned for some Reno posts and updates! 

got my hands dirty with the Makita drill and laid some sub-flooring. My husband snapped a few pics….


A shot of the back of the house, new windows put in!


Looking forward to June, major stuff happening with our Reno, training for a 5k, romantic birthday getaway and more..!

This last week….

worked on the our house Reno, layed some sub-floor down and helped demo out the fireplace!

Below: All suited up!

 Put 10 hours in, by the end of the day, I was exhausted.

Thinking of going darker with my hair… We’ll see!

Got a 2 miler in at the lake, which was good because the weather has been super warm and I hate running in the heat…talk about heavy legs, yeesh!


Training for a 5k in June! Officially registered yesterday 🙂 

I have been re- building my mileage since my last race in the fall (8k) I have been building up super slow and focusing more on my running form and strength training program.


Bit of a boring post, it’s late and I’m beat!! Time to snooze!! 


New to Running? 3 tips for success

3 tips I wish I had listened to the first or third time:

1. Get the right running shoes for your feet

You’ve set your goal, you’ve made the decision. You’re going to become a runner! Through all the excitement your street feet smart, goes out the window. Heading out the door you bound down the street only to be huffing and puffing, and left with discouragement. Your feet are sore, your knees hurt. Your goal goes out the window. Running in the correct shoe for you is so important. The shoe that is right for you most likely won’t be the same as your friend or co-worker. Start off right by seeing your local running store for a shoe fitting, they have experts on hand to assist you with finding the correct shoe for your feet. New running shoes come in a range of pricing for the more modest investor or for those with more flexible means, either way a well fitting pair are worth the investment. Your body will thank you…. and me.

2. Follow a plan

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You won’t become a half marathoner in a day either. Get a plan, whether it’s a Couch-to-5k App or join a running group at your local running store. If you have a goal race in mind, see if they offer a clinic. Or if you can afford it, a personal running coach. Too much, too fast, too soon will have you headed for the couch and back to square one in no time. Listen to your body, believe me, I am still figuring this one out!

3. Have fun and don’t give up

Running is hard. There is no getting around it. You know whats harder? Quitting and not reaching your goals. It does get easier with time, and the benefits are endless. Have fun and enjoy yourself. This is something you are doing for you! The running community is so supportive. Check out Runner’s World magazine for motivation, read fitness blogs, instagram, pinterest whichever keeps you inspired. The most important thing to remember; you are competing against yourself, not your neighbour, not your classmate, you. Comparison is the greatest thief of joy. This is about you, loving yourself. Go out and get it!