a 15 min mile is the same distance as a 7 min mile

 My entire life I  have struggled with running, I ran a bit of track back in school but nothing serious..I mean this is elementary school we are talking about!! 

You could say that I’m injury prone and I don’t gain muscle/weight easily. I have always been naturally scrawny-thin and was always picked last for team sports in school. Great start, huh?

I decided I could defy these odds, and there are a lot against me. I decided a few years ago that I could do anything I put my mind to. If I wanted to be a runner, I could and I was going to. 

I started with a Couch to 5k app and from there I increased my mileage and ran my first race in 2013; the GoodLife 8k. I had a great run and as any newbie would or maybe just me (haha!), I made a few mistakes: 

  • My first running injury occurred post race: a foot injury. Turns out my beautiful new Asics (I had purchased on sale and had broken in during training) were a size and a half too small. ……ridiculous right?!
  • I was overdressed, and I mean wayyy overdressed. I had a tank, long sleeve, thermo running jacket and ear covering head band. I also brought my sunglasses, just in case. The weather that morning? 13 degrees celscius. Yeah. I just about died of dehydration from sweat loss. Lol!

The foot injury basically had me starting back at zero. But I got back at it and have had a couple more set backs but the most important thing that I have realized, as long as I get back up that’s all that matters. It’s all about the journey. I may not be an elite runner, I may not be a gazelle but man do j enjoy the challenge. And that’s all that matters. 

Life is about Ebb and Flow!  


Over a year…

Wow, it’s been over a year since I started this blog. I think I have made one post on here? 

Well a whole lot has happened this past year…. I have gone back to school, my husband has started his business and we are right in the middle of a house Reno! 

Last month I saw Eric Church in concert, I’m a huge country fan and he was nothing short of amazing.  Below are some pics I snapped at the concert..

My mom and I, at Church!


He had this really bizarre blow up, devil pop up in the middle of one of his songs…. Kinda creepy but the crowd loved it. Great entertainment. I was super surprised at how many young people were there. I love how diverse the country music scene is. 


The next day we checked out Victoria’s Secret, 2 floors of heaven! I had to really watch my spending, but managed to keep it at a reasonable spree…. Haha!

So happy I don’t have one where I live, I’d be broke and probably would be finding some way to live in there…ha!

Honestly felt like a star walking down this staircase, this is obviously what they were going for… 😍😍   

Typical Sunday

Sundays are my day off! My husband and I usually spend the day together as it’s the only day if the week we are off together.
We are about to head for brunch and then to look at some more fitness equipment for our home gym!
Rainy day on the west coast so we won’t be taking our dogs for their usual walk


That’s them cuddling in bed, adorable!
I’ll post an update later on, and showcase our fitness haul.


We spent a second week in Punta Cana, after our guests left homeward bound, we jetted (more like cabbed!) to our honeymoon resort “Iberostar Grand Bavaro”, it was definitely luxe. We were in awe when we stepped in those doors, our travel agent surprised us and upgraded our room to a swim up suite! Nicely done, I must say. That room came in handy for sure! I only got one workout in during our 2 week holiday. The month before our wedding I suffered a back injury at work, unfortunately my injury put me temporarily out of commission from all things fitness. We spent most of our days lounging at the beach, eating food and indulging in cervesa’s! (that’s beer in Spanish, lol!)

This is right before our “romantic” dinner, that ship in the background turns into a lounge/disco in the evenings, how cool is that?

I even got to hold a capuchin monkey (my dream, I love monkey’s!)

The parrots were really neat, I couldn’t get them to talk! (A bit of a try hard that way, it just didn’t happen!)


Our last day was Valentine’s Day, we were both super sad to be leaving the following morning. After almost 2 years of planning our wedding and honeymoon it was almost over! We had the best and most memorable time. To celebrate Valentine’s and our last day in PC, we embarked on a 2 hour beach walk to a restaurant I had read about online called “Jelllyfish”. Beautiful adventure and a perfect way to end our Honeymoon.
Photo’s from our beach walk below, (yes! That’s my sexy tan husband!)

P1050284 P1050293 P1050296 P1050299 P1050304 P1050320

First Post

Well, here it is! My first ever blog post. Blogging has been something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now, I’ve finally taken the steps to complete this goal for 2014. I finally have more time on my hands now the wedding is over. Our wedding was absolutely perfect, besides the drama from a couple certain family members. I’ll elaborate on that further down the road…. Have you experienced or witnessed any family drama at weddings?

Back on a positive note, I’m really happy to get this first post up! I’ll be blogging about fitness, cooking my dogs and all of our adventures. To start off I am going to post some of our wedding photos, I hope you love them!

Thanks for reading!

(Oh ya, and please bare with me while I am learning all these tips and tricks to this mysterious world of blogging)

***Photographer credit- Eva Hadhazy

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